AM4U is a technology licensing and development company focused on rejuvenating apparel manufacturing through innovation.  Come visit to see the transformative solutions we offer and visit our retail website ARTscarf™ to see and order products we make.

Purchase Activated Manufacturing

  • Watch the videos on PAM describing how PAM works
  • Through virtual inventory manufacturing methods, manufacturing can return to North Americq at 3-5 times the profit of producing in Asia
  • Contact us to find out how to install your own factory(s) for production or R&D

Samples and Design Testing of Digital Ready Designs

  • Short runs, no inventories, no minimums, rapid turnaround
  • Send us your digital ready designs
  • Contact us for digital specifications

Solve Inventory Challenges with our Production Capacity

Production of Your Textile Designs

  • No minimums
  • Permanently colored to just the quantities you need

Technology Licensing

  • We will license our dyeing and printing technology to business partners
  • Build your own factory using our technology through our ViMA Alliance partners