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We create an Economic Tipping-Point


“ZIP with ATC, moves the tipping-point in the industry from the money made by mass production to the money made by adding value.” – Bill Grier, CEO, AM4U June 2013

Do Your Part for the Environment


Garment manufacturers can now actively protect our environment by dyeing fabrics and apparel with our clean, green, water-free, pollution-free technology.

Double Your Profits


Proven production costs with no inventories.  Come see it for yourself!

High Value, Low Margin, Identity Garments


Custom “Identity Products” often cause huge losses in Profits.  Let AM4U show you how to make custom apparel profitable!

No Water, Pollution-free Dyeing


AM4U’s fabric technology does two-sided, single-pass dyeing, digital printing, and labeling with no water, no pollution, no chemicals, and is not regulated.

“No Minimums”


No Inventory, no Piece Goods, no Surplus Finished Goods, no Regulatory requirements, no Water, no caustic Chemicals, no Pollution, and no etc.

Saving the World, One Garment At A Time!


This is truly clean, green production technology poised to allow garment manufacturing to return to North America “one product at a time.”